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Shutterstock is one of the leading popular cheap stock photo websites with a great community of contributors providing high quality licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations, and other forms of media to be used for personal, business and other purposes. With over 47 million royalty-free stock images and tens-to-hundreds of thousands of new stock images being added weekly, Shutterstock gives users a wide variety of content to choose from. The downside of using free stock images is that the variety is limited and the likelihood of coming across a site, blog, or marketing media having the same image as the one you’re using is pretty high.

About Shutterstock

Shutterstock has their headquarters situated in New York City, New York, United States and has over sixty thousandshutterstock-logo contributors and customers in more than 150 countries. To further their influence, they own several agencies and among them are Bigstock, a value-oriented stock media agency and Offset, which offers premium stock photos and illustrations. To add to their assets, Shutterstock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exhange.

How friendly is Shutterstock to its contributors

What makes Shutterstock successful is that they license and provide multimedia content such as images, illustrations, video clips, and music files on behalf of their contributors. Licensing can be a hassle for most media content providers such as photographers and artists.

However, it is very important because given the distribution of content in the internet nowadays; a lot of images and illustrations are being stolen or even deprived of credit from their original owner or creators. Like most leading stock photo sites, Shutterstock offers to relieve these contributors in order to allow original content from their contributors to keep on flowing easily.

Shutterstock have millions of high quality content that earn them the preference of many designers, bloggers, and businesses around the world.  With this mutual benefit, Shutterstock and its contributors enjoy a prosperous flow of daily content.  Because of such amount of high quality and royalty-free content, subscribers and customers would have less worry about coming across the same set of images or illustrations found in other site, blogs, or in other businesses.

Shutterstock is also user friendly with their organized keyword search, making it easier for their clients and potential subscribers to search for images falling under their preferred categories. Their site also features a link for Skillfeed, a limited time offer by Shutterstock for design tutorials as well as featured free photos of the week. For those who like to browse on their smartphones, they also have an app for both iOS and Android devices.

Quick Overview Why You should choose Shutterstock:

  • Shutterstock has over 40 million multimedia content and more content are updated daily
  • It offers a variety of personal and commercial essentials
  • Millions of High quality royalty-free photos and illustrations would allow you to choose your own unique set of images and other content unlike free images that are mostly common
  • Makes and secures licenses provided by contributors
  • Protects both contributors and customers from possible legal cases regarding copyright
  • Accepts almost all payment types including VISA, PayPal, and other major credit cards
  • They offer affordable prices for subscribers and customers (e.g. Shutterstock coupons)
  • Available in 10 different languages, covering over 150 countries worldwide
  • Per image costs can be as low as $0.28
  • Has “Enhanced License subscription” that gives commercial advantage
  • Professional and even neophyte contributors can earn money
  • Organized keyword search for easy searching and browsing of images under different categories

Shutterstock Coupon

Because of the many benefits of doing business with Shutterstock, it is inevitable to come across with promos or other forms of incentives. Given their popularity, you won’t be surprised if you happen to come across with several websites offering a Shutterstock coupon code. Several of these coupons will allow you to purchase content from Shutterstock with considerable discounts.

Where to obtain Shutterstock Coupons

There are a lot of websites that offer shutterstock coupons and discounts here. However, given the too much freedom websites have, some tend to abuse this and some can’t be trusted and use this opportunity to click bait users to their site. Some can even be untrusted sites and may potentially harm your computer browsing their sites. To avoid this, you should always either go check for their site or their trusted affiliates.

StockPhotoSecrets is among the trusted affiliates of Shutterstock, keeping a most satisfactory relationship with them. Because of this, StockPhotoSecrets is able to distribute Shutterstock coupon codes and discounts exclusively to their readers.  The deals you can obtain from the exclusive Shutterstuck coupon code could give you as much as 10% off. You can also use the codes to get discounts for stock footage.

You can check StockPhotoSecret’s website.

Why getting the chance to obtain Shutterstock Coupons should not be missed

Subscription fees can be costly despite being more advantageous compared to single or bundled purchases. If you stack up 10% discounts every time you make a subscription or even single/bundled purchases, you can save a considerable amount of money most especially if you’re in the need of high quality images to use in your business portfolio or projects.

Shutterstock doesn’t just have just one or two payment plans. They also offer various subscription rates ranging from $49 to $2599 worth of annual allowable download.

And due to their status as one of the leading stock image agencies, Shutterstock’s team screen only the best and high quality image a contributor could pull off and they have high standards in approving pending images.


Satisfaction Guaranteed with a Bigstock Promo Code

A Bigstock promo code plays an important role in the success of every creative professional. It provides discounts and benefits that help further savings. It is offered by many websites in the Internet, but only those affiliated with Bigstock are legit. Thus, you need to be very careful where you get your coupons to avoid being scammed. If you want to be successful with your creative projects and save money at the same time, get a coupon code.


With a Bigstock promo code, your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Check out these current offers and see for yourself:

  • 35 Free Images with the Bigstock Free Trial
    Do you want to try Bigstock without committing to an image plan or purchasing a credit package? Now, you can with the Bigstock free trial. You can explore the stock photo website and determine if it fits your creative needs and budget within 7 days. If you find anything you like within the free trial, you can purchase a credit package or subscribe to a plan too. But, we recommend the 25 image credit package so you can get additional 10 image credits for FREE! bigstocklogo-160x120The Bigstock promo code is only valid through December 31, 2016 so you need to hurry and redeem it now. The stock site will ask for your credit details to access their services during the free trial but won’t charge you for anything. Once the period concludes, you will receive regular charges. Don’t worry! You can cancel your account too if you do not want to purchase a credit pack or subscribe to a plan.
  • 15% Off on Credit Packages
    A Bigstock promo code offers great value from your credit packages purchase too. It is available for both new and existing customers. If you are looking to purchase images on demand, this is the coupon for you. You can get 15% discount and save more for other important activities. What are you waiting for? Save on your downloads of high quality images with a Bigstock coupon.
  • 15% Off on Subscription Plans
    Also available for new and existing customers, this Bigstock promo code gives you 15% discount on any subscription plan. The stock photo website has a broad offer with the most popular, more flexibility and best value plans. While you can get images for as low as $0.33 already, you can save more with a coupon. So, hurry up and get your discount now!

With these Bigstock coupons, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You do not have to spend more to get the perfect images for your creative projects. In fact, you can even spend less and save more. What are you waiting for? Get your coupon code now and start downloading high quality images.

Do You Need Permission to Use Dead Celebrities Photos?


Let us say that you have a picture of Michael Jackson that you took many years ago during his concert. Now, you are about to launch a new blog about your experience with the King of Pop. Can you take the picture of MJ and publish it to your article? Absolutely. You can do it because own the picture as well as the rights to publish it. However, you cannot use it for commercial ventures, like selling T-shirts and coffee mugs with MJ’s face printed on them.

In the past, celebrities do not have rights to publicity or personality. However, estates are already claiming rights that did not exist and the cases are working their way through court systems.

  • Right to Publicity. Right to publicity or personality limits the use of celebrity images for commercial ventures. It recognizes the economic value of the dead celebrities photos in relation to their creativity and work. They have the right to exploit the value of their image as they see fit. Thus, using the images without permission violates their right to publicity or personality. The validity of the right can survive the death of an individual.
  • Dead Celebrities Photos. Printing the images of deceased celebrities on T-shirts and other forms of commercial venture without permission is prohibited, especially if the right to publicity continues after the death of the star. Depending on the state, celebrities can pass their right to publicity to their surviving relatives. For instance, relatives of Michael Jackson have control over the merchandise that bears his name and image.

To avoid violating the right of publicity of dead celebrities, you must be careful about using their images, likeness, name, voice, or signature. Make sure you have permission before you use their image or likeness in connection with product packaging, advertising of products and services, and merchandise for sale. You should make sure have permission from all proper parties. You need to be careful when marketing – even your of own work – due to the right to publicity.

The right of publicity may survive the death of celebrities depending on the state. Currently, twelve states have the statuses where the right to publicity continues even after the death of celebrities. If the right is not recognized in your state, you can be on serious danger. You can be sued for unauthorized use of a deal celebrities photos in order to create a false endorsement or gain profit. Aside from the publicity right, the photos are also protected from using the image of the celebrity to advertise a product false, click to read.

Do you need permission to use photos of deceased celebrities? Absolutely. These right are separate from copyright and protect the personal interest of the people represented.


Cheap Stock Photo Sites to Watch

advertising cheap stock photos

2015 was a big year in the stock photography industry.  Significant new players jumped into the ring, established powerhouses made big changes, and the industry as a whole evolved very quickly.  But the most exciting thing about all of the growth that happened in 2015 is that it isn’t likely to slow down in the upcoming year.  If you want to make sure that you are staying up to date with the most important changes in the stock photo world, start by watching these three big agencies in 2016.

  1. Fotolia: Will it fold?

fotolialogosmallIn 2015, Adobe bought Fotolia’s entire image library and repackaged it through their own, brand new stock agency.  However, Adobe recognized that Fotolia had it’s own name brand recognition and devoted following, and the vendor has remained open for business.  However, as Adobe continues to grow, it will be interesting to see if Fotolia’s library remains open.  If Fotolia does fold, it will be one of the larger stock vendors to go “offline” in recent memory.

  1. Shutterstock: Will They Keep Innovating?

shutterstock-logoLast year, Shutterstock made some big changes of their own to stay out in front of the industry and keep their name in discussions of the most important vendors on the market.  Shutterstock updated their licensing agreement and added unprecedented flexibility and support for such a large vendor.  After making such a big move in 2015, it will be exciting to see if Shutterstock continues to innovate, and makes a niche for themselves as an industry leader in new ideas and products.

  1. Adobe Stock: Will They Keep Succeeding?

adobe-stock-logo (1)Adobe’s entry into the stock photo industry was one of the biggest events for stock photography in the past year, and so far they have been very successful in creating their own niche and marketing to Adobe’s existing user base.  However, a big part of last year’s success could be attributed to novelty and existing brand name recognition, two factors which won’t translate into 2016 as well.  As the year goes on, it will be interesting to see if Adobe remains as big and innovative as a player as they have been over the past 12 months.

What’s Coming Next for Cheap Stock Photography?

It’s may be too early to make big predictions for 2016 yet, but one thing is for sure.  With so many big changes and so much growth in 2015, next year won’t be boring in the stock photo industry. Click here for more stock photography.

Last Chance to Redeem iStock Promo Code

istock photo logoIf you’ve gone all of 2015 without redeeming our iStock promo code offers, we forgive you.  There are a lot of great coupon codes out there on the internet, and we’ve offered so many great stock photo discounts this year that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the savings.  However, our iStockPhoto promo code is one of the best ways you can save on premium stock photo downloads.  And our unique discounts will only last through the end of the year, so now’s the time to check them out.  Here’s more info on our iStock promo code, and how to redeem our coupon for savings as soon as possible.

iStock Promo Code Savings

With our current savings codes, you can save up to 15% on all annual subscriptions through the end of the year.  That’s a lot of great savings on some of the best commercial imagery you can find on the internet.  Additionally, we have discounts available for on-demand image packs as well.  Currently, you can take 12% off of any image pack purchase, or 14% off of larger image packs of 6 or more.

Redeem the iStockPhoto Promo Code

If you are ready to seize all of these savings before they expire at the end of the year, here are some tips on how to do so.

  1. Visit the StockPhotoSecrets unique savings landing page on iStock, which you can find on their website.
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Enjoy Your iStock Savings!

Banana Stock Photos

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With any of our codes, you get the chance to explore iStock’s awesome library at an unbeatable price.  Sure, iStock lets you get a bit familiar with their offerings with their Stock Photo free downloads.  But one iStockPhoto free image per week won’t give you the access you can get with any of our iStock promo codes.  These are some of the best savings you will find anywhere on premium stock photography content, and they are only available through the end of the year, so redeem them as soon as possible!